SPHYNXSeries 2

A Collection of our favourite figures in popular culture.

Who ARE We?

HI! I’m Miroslav,

The creator ofDigital PetCollection.

I worked for many years as a photographer & videographer but back in 2017, I decided to push myself out of my creative comfort zone and learn the art of 3D animation. It seemed impossible at the beginning, but I persisted and over time the work I was creating got better and better. A few years later the Digital Pet Collection was born.

And I’mBrenda.

I do a bunch of stuff but my main focus is our community. You’ll find me hanging out in Discord, posting to our Instagram channel and chatting with people on Twitter. If you have questions, comments or queries, I’m your girl.

Who ARE We?

The Storyof the Sphynx

Do you ever think that Sphynx cats are aliens from another world who have come to Earth to hang out with us humans?

The first Sphynx cats arrived on Earth in the 1960’s, in Canada of all places. In order to blend in (and stay warm!) they adopted various disguises. This did not go unnoticed by the animals of Earth. They started thinking that if these wrinkly, naked creatures could get humans to do their bidding, why shouldn’t they join the fun too.

Think about that next time you make eye contact with your pet.


94 Sphynx Cats

Where Are We Heading?

Digital PetCollection Roadmap

Inspiration and opportunity never follow a set schedule. The story of Digital Pet Collection has just begun so rather than a strict roadmap, here are some of the things we have our sights set on for the next chapters.


We think everyone should own a digital pet, so a generative project just makes sense.


We love to collaborate whether it’s a big project or a custom piece. Hit us up!


We can’t wait to explore other animals. Dogs may seem like the obvious choice but creatures of myth and legend are absolutely within the realm of possibility.


  • The Community auction

    To give back to the #nftcommunity that has supported us and start the new year with something special, we have chosen the work of 15 amazing artists who combined their style with our Sphynxes.


Join theFamily

We believe in taking care of the people we love and that means taking even better care of the people that love us.