We’d like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who entered our creative contest. The variety in the submissions was incredible and we absolutely loved seeing everyone apply their style to our cats.

There can only be 3 winners so without further ado, the winners are….

1st – @Sephiroth_Art

2nd – @spra4life

3rd – @MaulwolfOne

Our Share-This-Post winner!
Snagging the very cool Dali Sphynx was @WorldNFTs! Thanks for sharing!

And finally, the third component in this mega-contest…

The We Love Artists auction!
To try and give a little back to the #nftcommunity that has supported us and followed us throughout 2021, we have chosen several artists to have their work be included in a very special auction. Their names and artworks will be announced on JAN 5th 2022.

The auction will be held on January 10th and each artist will earn 100% of the selling price of their contest entry. *minting fees at the sale not covered.

More details will come closer to the auction so be sure to bookmark this post, follow us on Twitter and join the #sphynxfam in Discord.

Thanks again everyone!